Every test taker needs an ally

DNA ALLY is an online genetic counseling service designed for people who’ve taken consumer DNA tests and need help interpreting their results. Millions of people take these tests every year, excited by the thought of learning their heritage, connecting with long-lost relatives, or discovering why they like to drink five cups of coffee a day. They’re not always prepared for the complex, and sometimes scary, health information they receive and have few places to turn for answers. They need someone who can guide them with compassion and specialized knowledge — that’s where you come in!

In five simple steps, you could be helping consumers by replacing their confusion with clarity.

  1. Apply here on our site. (You’ll need to be prepared to work at least five hours per week — beyond that, the schedule is up to you!)

  2. We’ll verify your credentials, schedule a follow-up meeting, and let you know when you’ve been approved.

  3. We’ll provide training on how to counsel with DNA ALLY.

  4. Once you’re up and running, you’ll start getting requests for consultations on the DNA ALLY platform.

  5. Accept the requests and perform 20-minute phone or video consultations from the comfort of your own home.


Why counsel with DNA ALLY?

Work when you want to

All we ask is a minimum five-hour commitment per week. Beyond that, the days, times and number of hours you work are totally up to you.


Choose what you earn

Working with DNA ALLY is a great way to make extra income while providing quality care.


Shape your career

Our counselors can make DNA ALLY as much a part of their career as they choose. Some work nights and weekends following their full-time jobs. Others looking for more flexibility in their careers overall decide to make DNA ALLY a more primary source of income.