meeting with a genetic counselor

What to Expect When You Visit A Certified Genetic Counselor

Bringing a supportive family member or friend is highly encouraged as there can be a lot of information to discuss and process.

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Talk to a genetic counselor about your DNA test results.

Genetic Counselors Should Be Regular Part Of DNA Test Protocol  

Consumers need expert help before and after they take a DNA test.

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primary care phyisican and patient

After A Genetic Test, People Need More Than What Primary Care Physicians Can Offer

The first stop for many is their primary care physician, but these doctors are unlikely to have the needed genetics knowledge.

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Doctors with a stethoscope

Why Aren’t DNA Tests Part Of Regular Medical Care?

The science behind genetic testing has outpaced our ability to use it.

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stethoscope and laptop portraying Primary care physicians genetic testing

Study Shows Primary Care Physicians Don’t Know Enough About Genetic Testing

These doctors are often a patient's first call. But they feel their knowledge is lacking.

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So You Took An At-Home DNA Test. Why You Now Need A DNA ALLY Genetic Counselor.

DNA tests are only the first step. To really understand your results, you’ll need a helping hand.

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