Replace confusion with clarity

DNA tests can tell you amazing things, like whether you have cousins half-way around the world or why you can never get enough caffeine. But, they can also reveal confusing or even scary health-related information. Some may have a family history of certain diseases and need guidance on what tests they should take. Consumers have few places to turn for answers.

Whether you need advice on what tests are right for you, or you can’t make heads or tails of your results, DNA ALLY is here to help. We protect against misinterpreting false positives and negatives, which are common. And we give you a concrete plan for what to do next.

When you put it all together, the only thing that’s clear… is that you need an ally to help you make sense of your DNA.

Quick, affordable access to the experts you need. Just $79

Most healthcare providers aren’t trained in genetics. So where do you go for help? Our certified and state-licensed genetic counselors are experts in genetics and counseling. During your 20-minute, live consultation, they’ll provide guidance and support, on what tests you should take or helping you understand your test results and what they mean for you. If your counselor recommends more tests, we’ll provide a detailed report that you can share with your doctor.

In these four simple steps, we’ll help you get the most important result of all: peace of mind.

  1. Schedule a consult through our website or with our app.

  2. Pick the date and time that work best for you, choose whether you’d like an audio or video consultation, and pay for your session. (Each session is $79)

  3. Join your consultation from our website or with our app. Or, choose to have your counselor call you.

  4. Download your DNA ALLY report and share it with your physician.


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Certified and State-Licensed Genetic Counselors

Most doctors aren’t experienced in genetics. Genetic counselors are healthcare professionals specially trained in genetics and counseling.

Instant Access From Anywhere

Within minutes, you can connect with your genetic counselor. Just download the DNA ALLY app and schedule an appointment. Our counselors are available on demand.

Confusion-free results

Inaccurate results are common and can be concerning. DNA ALLY was created to replace your anxiety with insights and next steps, along with a report to share with your doctor.


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