Frequently asked questions

DNA ALLY provides peace of mind to customers who are considering a genetic test or have received confusing or concerning health test results from genetic testing companies. We provide instant access to a nationwide network of certified genetic counselors. Our genetic experts can help you understand your health risks, choose which genetic test to take , interpret your results, and determine next steps.

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing provides your genetic information without involving a healthcare provider or insurance company.

False positives and false negatives are inaccurate test results. A false positive indicates that something is present in your results when it isn’t. A false negative indicates that something is not present in your results when it is. A false reassurance happens when you receive a test result and believe you shouldn’t be concerned. Since many direct-to-consumer tests only analyze a few genetic variations, you may need a follow-up test or counseling for a more complete picture.

Certified Genetic Counselors are experts in medical genetics and counseling. They can guide and support you as you seek to understand your test results and how inherited conditions may affect you. Our counselors are accredited through the American Board of Genetic Counseling and are trained in genetics, risk assessment, communication and counseling.

A 20-minute consultation is $79. The majority of questions can be covered in a single session.

If you have further questions, you can book another session.

It is important that you come prepared for your genetic counseling appointment so that your counselor can better focus on your concerns, provide you with the most accurate risk assessment and help you get the most out of your appointment. You may want to:

  • Write down a list of questions.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about you and your family’s medical history.
  • Upload your genetic test report to your DNA ALLY account (optional).

You must pay directly but the cost may be reimbursable. Check with your healthcare provider to see if DNA ALLY costs can be reimbursed to you.